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  • Gram Bischof

Domain Matching Leads and Accounts

In the world of Revenue Operations, aligning leads to their respective accounts can offer incredible efficiency. This method ensures that potential customers are promptly addressed and existing relationships are nurtured. In today's article, we delve into the art of using domain matching to achieve this alignment.

Why Domain Matching?

The process is straightforward: by identifying the common domain shared between a lead's email and an account's website, we can automatically match and convert leads into contacts for existing accounts. While there are myriad applications, like auto-converting these leads, today we'll focus solely on domain matching and its benefits.

Best Solutions for Domain Matching

Third-party Applications: Often, the easiest solution is to invest in a dedicated application. By relying on companies specializing in this, you're tapping into focused expertise. Here are some providers we trust:

  • Lean Data

  • Traction Complete


Customized Domain Fields: If you prefer an in-house solution, start by setting up domain fields on both the lead and account objects in your CRM.

For leads: Create a formula field that extracts the domain from the email address.

For accounts: Use regex to capture the domain from the website field. (Note: There are numerous resources available online to help with the formula setup.)

Domain Objects for Larger Enterprises: For companies with intricate structures, consider setting up a primary domain object for accounts, then child objects for sub-domains. This configuration can help in comprehensive domain mapping but requires careful management during auto-conversion.

Benefits of Domain Matching

With domains mapped on both accounts and leads, you pave the way for effective automation.

  • Ensures leads align with the right accounts.

  • Prevents qualified accounts from missing associated contacts.

  • Simplifies the process of spotting and handling duplicate leads.

In conclusion, domain matching is an essential strategy for Revenue Operations, providing a systematic approach to account and lead management. Stay tuned for more insights into auto-conversion and other applications in future posts!


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