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Our Services

We don't just implement. Taking orders is how a lot consultants can get customers into trouble. Guidance for growth is the method underlying all our services to help companies get  to the next level.


How We Make Things Happen



We take great care to ensure we understand the problems and are providing the best solution for the circumstances. We give advice, not take orders.

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Our staff is given training others just aren't able to give. We have a dedicated team in-house that allows us to grow with your company and be forward-looking.


Test Success

Once an implementation has been completed we don't just say goodbye and good luck. Our average clients are with us for years.



Growth is the goal and with our help, we can move you closer to that goal. Our entire business is built on the premise that we have the expertise to help growth.


Rev Ops Implementation

Revenue is the result of your Marketing, Sales, and Service departments acting as one powerhouse. Cloud Connex will create the bridge that connects these teams with a clear, effective workflow that leverages Salesforce and other applications.


CPQ & Billing Implementation

CPQ & Billing is often the last item on the Sales and Finance checklist. But our method flips that on its head. We ensure you start with the end in mind. From vetting different solutions to implementations that are headache free, we help guide you through this new world.


System Integration

Most vendors sell a dream, and can only deliver some of that through out of the box implementations. We help make those dreams come true by connecting APIs and systems together to operate in harmony. This allows us to bring the original vision to life.


Architecture Review

Cloud Connex has run into a countless number of dumpster fires set ablaze by consultants and internal resources alike. These are always done with the best of intentions but a lack of coordination and experience. Our review can give guidance and next steps to quell emergencies and redundancy.

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What Do People Say About Us?

We love our clients... it's nice to see they love us back.

As a tech startup, we chose Cloud Connex because we didn't want to work with a large cumbersome agency, we were looking for speed and ingenuity. Cloud Connex delivered on this and more; They stood up Salesforce and Hubspot, helped us define our lead model, advised on best practices, created reporting, connected our outbound tools, and more.

Sarah Wakeman
Head of Growth Marketing

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